What do i need to bring with me to  portrait photoshots?

i recomand  to bring nice of your cloth. bring few sets that you can choose from. It’s better to have something with strong bold colors.

Bring some of your accesorise, neckles, scarfs, hats, what ever you like and can contribute to your looks.

It’s better to bring a bag full of things that you might use instand of being sorry of not bringing something that you like…


what to bring with me For My Image Photography?

Please bring with you the things that are related to your Image. If you have a certain uniform or special tools that you need to use, please bring it with you


Do i need to put some makeup?

Yes, Yes, Yeas!!!

Because of the storng light of the Flashes, it looks much more live with the Makeup on. If you want i can order a proffesional Makeup artists that can come to the studio. there is a proffesional Makeup corner in the studio.


Men, please pay attention to your face, and deside in advance do you want to shave your face or not.


How Do I get My pictures after the prossecing progress?


Usually i’ll send the pictures to you by dropbox or jumbomeil, i can also burn it on CD. Printing would be in additiona payment depand on the number of pictures and their sizes.

In Bar or Bat Mizva books, or pregnants or FAmily photography there is an option of producing a printed album in addtional payment.

Album examples are shown in the studio.


Do you Photoshop the pictures?

I take the pictures in special format called “RAW” when i choose the pictures i make small prossesing moves in photoshope or lightroom program but i ‘ll never change the person to somebody else…

If you have special request about prossesing, please let me know.


If you have any other question please contact me by e-mail, or by phone